Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday is MEAT day. We are so excited. We actually have another section we can visit in the grocery store! I can’t wait until lunch. Just having something else to add to our selection is really what it is all about. I could maybe go a bit longer without any meat but I can’t stand having my hands tied as far as what I can cook with. {Editor’s note: He doesn’t need to go any longer. Without meat, he’s seriously grumpy.}

So Saturday was awful. I came real close to breaking. I mean I was just PISSED. Not to mention the fantastic winery pics our friends were sending us to let us know just how much we were MISSING OUT ON!! Oh and they even sent us a pic from the deck of OUR lake pad. What is up with that? Can we say “TAUNTING”. Thanks Rick and Gayleen we love you two. We actually almost started eating meat on Sunday instead of Monday because I just could not take anymore. Then I decided that we had made it this far why in the hell should we stop now. Poor Jules has to deal with my ass and has done a great job. On top of that she offered to cook and that didn’t turn out so well either. {Editor’s note: I forgot about the rice pasta sitting in the water (it has to set in water for 20 minutes to cook) and it got seriously mushy.} So for dinner I just ate some carrots and that sucked beyond what you could imagine. This year was much tougher than last year for some reason and I am not sure I will put myself through the same torture next year. I know I am not supposed to make decisions like this while in the moment but this is just how I feel. {Editors note: on the contrary, I think this year is easier. I’m not sure why he and I are on different sides of the diet this year. Interesting how this year is so much different for each of us}

I do feel great, however, and am excited about some chicken and salmon today. I am down 13 lbs and have lost a bit from my waist, hips, and chest. My head is still fat but I have always been big headed LOL. My ass is going away which is the one thing I wish would stay so my damn pants would stay up. I look like one of those young kids with my drawers hanging out. Jules is down at least 3 to 4 and people are commenting. That is the few that we have seen as none of our friends want anything to do with us because we can only eat veggies, drink water, and are pissed off at the world because of it. {Editor’s note: For us, I will say it is hard to not be around people during all of this. We’ve already scheduled evenings with people for several days following the cleanse just to make up for lost time!}

Last night I made some homemade tomato soup again. This time it tasted much like last years. It was fantastic and no smart ass comments from Jules’s mouth. Just wanted to mention that we have had a fridge full of beer during all of this. {Editor’s note: And it is FULL! More so than normal for some reason. Barely room for the Veggies!} Last year I emptied the fridge for the most part but not this year and it has been tough. We got home yesterday and Jules opens the fridge and says “thinking about having a beer”. WTF man. Then she opened up the freezer and all I heard were those beer glasses jingling around in there. Can you imagine how wonderful it would have been to poor a fantastic and cold beer into a frosty mug and sit and watch a little football AHHHHH!! Well I will no longer touch on that subject as it is way too painful.

We went to a cool health food store that we did a bit of filming for. Make sure you check it out they had some interesting cool food there. They also had a lot of dispense your own snacks, herbs and soaps and oils. A smoothie shop inside too. Check out Healthy Home Market. Watch our short video of the place too!

Cravings for the weekend BEER, BEER, BEER, WINE, WINE, WINE and wings and chili. Oh and FRIENDS! {Editor's note: My cravings are for breakfast. Biscuits, eggs, sausage. Mmmm.}

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