Friday, January 13, 2012

Well, I am down 11 lbs so far on the standard process cleanse which is the good news. I didn’t sleep very well last night so I am extra tired. It is bad enough to not have much protein and carbs but add no sleep and man it is a tough day. Still a bit up and down. Plus I want a damn glass of wine or a fantastic beer from a keg. Jules is not having as tough of a time but she is not quite the happy little camper she thinks she is either. She has lost about 3 to 4 pounds and you can tell it in her face. She says her pants are fitting much better and that is always a good thing. {Editor’s note: that dreaded bra fat that every woman hates is nearly gone too. I’m pretty excited about my 3-4 pounds. It’s put me back to where I wanted to be} I had to break the belt back out for mine. I mean, over December I was the most uncomfortable I have been since last year. My pants were cutting into my waist and just to bend over and tie my shoes was a chore. Dropping 11 fixed all that. I still have many more to go and we have many more days as we are not even half way through.

Do any of you have any idea how many food commercials are on TV? A shit load especially pizza. Right now we are watching Chef Ramsay’s kitchen nightmares and he is in a damn BBQ restaurant. I don’t have any idea why I am doing this especially when I can’t even eat any meat yet.

Jules and I are going to reward ourselves with a dinner at 131 main in Dilworth during restaurant week. She chose the place and booked it today. She read the menu to me and I asked her if any of it sounded good and her response was “it all sounds damn good to me especially during this cleanse”. Funny stuff. Julie also woke up last night after a “CHICKEN EATING” night mare. Any other time it would be a fantastic dream however under these circumstances it would be a nightmare to dream about eating some wonderful chicken. {Editor’s note: It was the best chicken leg I’d ever gnawed on. I remember picking pieces off, holding them up to look at them and then rolling them around in my mouth to get the full taste. ha! Monday Meat day can’t come soon enough!}

Tonight we ate a portobello mushroom with sauteed brussel sprouts. I took a spoon and skimmed off the gills of the mushroom and removed the stem. I brushed some olive oil on the mushrooms, sprinkled some sea salt on them and put the mushrooms in the oven for a bit. I then chopped up some tomato, adding olive oil, fresh parsley, red wind vinegar, minced garlic, salt and pepper. I let that stand for a little bit and put the mushrooms on a cooking pan stem side up, filled them with the tomatoes and cooked them in the over for a few minutes. Served with some brussels and it was a wonderful meal. {Editor's note: AMAZING! I've been waiting on the portobello mushroom meal and this was super good!}
[caption id="attachment_200" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Portobello Mushroom and Brussel Sprouts"]Portobello Mushroom and Brussel Sprouts[/caption]

Cravings today: beer, wings, french fries (which I really don’t need to eat much of) and mostly wine. I am ready for a damn glass of wine.
{Editor’s cravings: Buffalo Chicken panini from Zi Pi in Albemarle. I had to watch two of my colleagues eat this dish today and it looked so good.}

Not many compliments today but I do feel much better. Thanks for reading and even more thanks for visiting Any Ol’ Thing. Got to go make me a shake.

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