Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I recently found a pin on Pinterest that had a health plan for each day of the week. It encouraged me to do something similar on my own because it would be easier to make a commitment each day rather than an overall weekly commitment. My cheesy self, of course, had to make all the days start with the same letter so here is what I came up with:

Mini Monday: I make sure all my portion sizes are smaller on this day.

Two Shake Tuesday: I drink a Visalus shake every morning, but on Tuesdays, I’ll drink a second one for lunch or dinner.

Walking Wednesday: I want to try to walk 3 days a week but this makes sure that I at least get one in and will be a good start to getting into a routine.

Thirsty Thursday: I will drink 8 - 8 oz glasses of water (or 4 water bottles)

Fruit and Veggie Friday: I will eat a fruit or vegetable at every meal- equivalent of 1.5 cups of fruits and 2.5 cup of veggies (I got this number from the Fruits and Veggies Matter site where you can put in your age and weight and determine how much you need)

Yesterday was my first day but I think this is easy enough of a plan to follow and stick to long term. Notice Saturday and Sunday weren’t included. That’s my own personal thing because I know those are my splurge days. I usually eat one meal each of those days that doesn’t really fall into my “healthy plan” but the rest of the time I eat sensibly and of course I still have my Visalus shake every morning.

Try it for yourself! Pick some goals that you know you could achieve for just one day and let us know how it goes!

Monday, February 27, 2012


This recipe is super easy, really good and is a great thing to make in the winter, pack up into smaller freezer bags and have available for several months! We are sharing this recipe from Rusty's Mom! We hope you enjoy!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

If you're heading up to Wintergreen Resort in Wintergreen VA for a spring weekend in the mountains, stop by Veritas Vineyards. They have a great view, beautiful winery and of course, some great wines!

Friday, February 24, 2012

In our last post about wine tastings we learned that you don’t have to be so nervous about them, but rather go and have a good time. In this post, I want to share the 5 S’s of a wine tasting so you'll know what’s going on with all that sniffing and swirling. Using the 5 S’s of wine tasting, you can get the full experience out of the taste of the wine, but honestly, this is just a way to make sure you’re using all of your senses to experience a wine, as you should with anything. You could also adapt this a little bit to any enjoyable experience in life from food to sex to a walk in the park.

Just remember, the bottom line is what do YOU like. If you just want to go chug some wine, then do it. If you don't like to smell and swirl your wine, that's fine.

Seeing is the first step in wine tasting. It’s easy-just look at it! Look at the color, look to see if there is sediment, look to see if it is cloudy. All of these can make a difference with the taste. If you do this enough, after a while, you’ll have sort of an idea of what a really dark red wine will taste like.
Questions you could ask: Why is this wine cloudy? What does it mean if it has sediment?

Go ahead, stick your nose in the glass and take a big whiff! As you do that, think about the smell. Do you smell anything familiar? Fruit? Oak? Spice? The smell can give you a big idea about how the wine will taste. Sometimes two sniffs will allow you to smell even more.
Questions you could ask: Do I smell Coffee? What is in the wine that makes it smell like coffee?

Yeah, I know. You’ve seen people do it so you feel like that’s what makes you look cool as a wine taster. All this does is release the aromas of the wine and also as the wine falls back into the glass, it creates “legs” which give you an idea of the body of the wine. Younger wines have smaller legs.
Questions you could ask: What is the proper way to swirl?

There is a bit of an art to the sip. The main thing you want to keep in mind with wine is that you want to taste it fully so don’t swallow it too fast. Let it sit on your tongue for a bit, swirl it around in there if you like and try to think about what you’re tasting. Cherries? Pepper? Butter? Take a second sip and see if you taste anything different.
Questions you could ask: What makes it taste so buttery? Do I taste chocolate?

Think about the after taste as you take a few breaths. The tastes of some wines can hang around for a while after you drink them. This is your opportunity to think about if you like the wine and if you want to drink more.
Questions you could ask: I don’t like it, can I pour it out? How much is a bottle of this?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Another goodie from Chef Jason at Morgan Ridge. This guy can cook and he makes it so easy!
[caption id="attachment_468" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Photo by: Colleen Lane"][/caption]
If you are interested in wine and are thinking about going to a wine tasting (or maybe your friend or partner wants to drag you to one), you may be a little nervous about what to expect or how to act. Maybe you’ve even been to one or two and still don’t really know what to do while you’re there. My best advice would be to just relax, have fun and be yourself. Wineries don’t really have the pretentious stereotype that many believe they have. For example, you are allowed to do the following things at a winery:

  • Pick up the glass and “just drink it”. There are no rules saying you have to stick your nose in it or swirl it around.

  • Say you don’t like wine

  • Say you don’t like a wine they just poured for you

  • Ask for water to rinse your mouth

  • Pour out a wine that you don’t like (they typically have dishes to pour out anything you don’t want to drink)

  • Allow your friend or partner to drink the wine you don’t like

  • Ask the question “do you have any bud light back there?”

  • Ask Questions--even if they sound dumb to you

  • Tell that joke you've been wanting to share

  • Ask for a tour of the place

  • Admit that you typically only drink wine from a box or you never drink it

  • Make friends with everyone that walks through the door

Things the person behind the counter would love to talk to you about.....if you’re interested:

  • Where the grapes are grown

  • What the weather was like during the growing season of each wine

  • What work has to go into tending the vines as they grow

  • What kind of barrel or tank was used with the wine and how long the wine stayed in it

  • When the winery was built

  • What it’s like to pick the grapes during harvest

  • The last vacation they went on, their kids, their dogs and anything else that comes up while you’re there

  • Many wineries will also give tours to show you their barrels or tanks and explain how they’re used to make the wine

We have gone to many wineries with people that drink wine and many with people that nearly refuse to drink it and we’ve all ended up having a blast! The good news is that after a full tasting, most people will find at least one that they could pour in a glass and sip with you on the porch or the lawn of the winery. The main idea is to go, try something new and have fun with your company.
We’ll be heading out to the Stanly County Winter Wine Festival this weekend which is more or less a big tent with a bunch of wineries in one place. It’s a great opportunity to try lots of different wines without the pressure of having to sit through a full tasting. So, if you or your friends are new to the wine tasting world, come out out and say hello to us while you’re there! We’ll be there all day.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On our last visit to Morgan Ridge Vineyards, we met up with Chef Jason and learned how to make the oyster stew that he had on the buffet for Slide By Saturday. This dish is surprisingly easy and tastes amazing!! Chef Jason runs the kitchen at Morgan Ridge where you can have him create a meal for your next party.

Kalamata Olives, similar to many wines, get their name from the region in Greece where they are grown. The Kalamata region is well known in Greece specifically for producing olives and olive oils. This dark purple olive is commonly used for olive oils, but we are typically most used to those that are pickled in wine vinegar.

Kalamata olives are great by themselves, served with cheese, in a tapenade or mixed in your favorite pasta dish like our White Wine Shrimp Pasta! If you’re heading out the Stanly County Winter Wine Festival with us this weekend, stop by Ohh-lio express to try some of their great Olive Oils and dips!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Located in Gold Hill, NC, Morgan Ridge has been making wine since 2007. The owners, Tommy and Amy have created a beautiful winery with 7 different types of wine. See the winery and take a peek at the food they offer for Slide by Saturday!


Check them out at www.morganridgevineyards.com


This Saturday, February 25th, the annual Stanly County Winter Wine Festival will be held at Market Station in Albemarle, NC.  This being our second time at the festival, I have to say it is a great one to mark on your calendars.  Tickets can be purchased online in advance for 20.00 a piece or at the door for 25.00.  (Note: you must be 21 to enter)

This year there will be 12 vineyards/wineries present and all of them are doing wine tastings, so this is a great opportunity to try several different wines under one roof!  In addition to the wine, you’ll find area restaurants, local businesses and entertainment!

The festival hours are from 12-6pm and with Market Station being right in downtown Albemarle, you have a quick walk to several area restaurants for lunch or dinner.  We would highly recommend that you walk just up the street to Z Pi for pizza, pasta or a panini.  They also have local wines, craft beer and a band will be playing Saturday evening.  Oh and don’t forget to stop by Albemarle Sweet Shop between 8 and 2 for a famous clown cookie (Note: bring cash)!

[caption id="attachment_436" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Pie at Z Pi"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_437" align="aligncenter" width="210" caption="Clown Cookie from Albemarle Sweet Shop"][/caption]

Thinking you may need a hotel for the night?  No problem!  There is a Holiday Inn and a Sleep Inn right in Albemarle but if you are looking for something especially nice, try the Badin Inn just down the road.  The Badin Inn has 6 historically decorated rooms, a golf course and a full service restaurant.  Also, their bar is hosting karaoke starting at 7pm  to continue the fun after the festival is over!

[caption id="attachment_439" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The Badin Inn"][/caption]

Sunday, February 19, 2012

This little dish would be great for a date night. The black bean chili mixed with the saffron rice is a perfect combination. Top it off with a small bite of fresh green peppers, tomatoes and onions for a spring time feeling!

Black Bean Chili and Rice

1Tbsp olive oil
1/2 C minced celery
1/2 C finely chopped yellow onion
1 Tbsp finely chopped Cilantro
3 Tbsp chopped canned green chiles
2 16 oz cans black beans, drained
1 16 oz can diced tomatoes
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 Tbsp chili powder
10 oz pkg yellow saffron rice
salt and pepper to taste
chopped green pepper
chopped red onion
chopped tomato
2 boneless skinless chicken breasts
1 tsp blackening season

1. Cook Rice according to package instructions.
2. Sauté onions, celery, cilantro and green chiles in olive oil
3. Add garlic, 1/2 of chili powder and tomatoes. Stir until thoroghly mixed.
4. Add rest of chili powder and beans
5. While mixture is cooking, season chicken with blackening seasoning and grill to preference
6. Place rice in a circle on your plate, spoon the chili into the middle, then sprinkle chopped green pepper, red onion and tomato over rice. Top with sliced chicken.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Rusty's famous Chili Recipe that he always serves at the Super Bowl Party. So Yummy! Enjoy!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

See how many inches we lost on the cleanse and learn about our next diet, the Body by Vi 90 day challenge.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


A recipe that was a hit from our Superbowl party. Add your favorite pizza toppings to make the recipe your own!! Enjoy!

Step 1
2 Large Roma Tomatoes (or 4 small ones)
2 tsp Italian Seasoning
4 Tbsp Minced Garlic
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
salt and pepper to taste
Gently stir all ingredients together in a small bowl and let it rest while you put your stromboli together so the flavors can mingle.
Step 2
Pizza Dough
Your favorite toppings
Mozzarella Cheese
Egg Whites
Olive Oil
Sea Salt
Pizza Sauce (See our Pizza Sauce Recipe)
1. Knead the pizza dough into a small ball, roll it out into a rectangle shape, cover with the tomato mixture, your favorite topping and mozzarella cheese.
2. Brush egg whites around the edges of the dough to help it stick together.
3. Roll the dough and ingredients up into a log and pinch the ends together to keep it all secure.
4. Brush the top of the dough with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt.
5. Bake in a 400 degree oven for 15-20 minutes
6. Serve with pizza sauce as a dip.

Friday, February 3, 2012

We are preparing for our annual super bowl party. Although we’ll have videos of some of these recipes coming up after the super bowl, we thought we’d take a moment to share with you what we’ll be making. We are also including the dishes that didn’t make the cut this year but they may be something you’d like to try on your own!
What we’re making this year:
Pizza Dip
Pizza Sauce (for Dip)
Marinated Shrimp
Peanut Butter Cheese Ball
Buffalo Wings
Rusty’s Famous Chili

Things that probably won't make the cut this year:
Sausage Dip
Fruit Salsa

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Last Saturday we went to 131 Main for Charlotte Restaurant Week. This is a week in which many restaurants will serve either a 3 or 4 course meal and a glass of wine for $30.00 a person. It is a fantastic time and you get to go out and try some of the restaurants that you usually would not get to go to for a reasonable price. 131 Main was fantastic in every way. First our server was great. He was honest and helpful and really knew the menu. He did not try to push you into anything, however, he let you know what he really thought about each meal.

Jules and I actually ate the same thing (See Pics below) but we had friends with us so we could try their meals to get a good handle on multiple dishes. We got the special which was a grilled grouper covered in a crab and shrimp sauce. I will say it was probably the most moist piece of fish I have ever had. The wild rice was kind of different but good. It was served cold with a sweet fruity taste. Rick got the Hand Cut Ribeye marinated in a sweet soy sauce and simply grilled. It was wonderful. I really couldn’t get over how good that was-cooked exactly how he wanted it and very moist. Gayleen had the Maryland Style Crab Cakes with pommerey mustard sauce and hand cut fries. There are many places in the South that claim to have good crab cakes, however, these were great. I can’t wait to go back and film this place so you guys can really see what this place is like. The only thing I will say is that the restaurant week menu left a bit to be desired, so that is why we ordered off the menu but all in all it was a fantastic experience. {Editor's Note: I felt the best meal on the table was the crab cakes. They were the best crab cakes I've ever had. Lots of crab in every bite and the mustard sauce was wonderful!}

We had a bottle of Stags Leap Merlot which was as good as it always is.
Thanks for stopping by Any Ol’ Thing and until next time have a Fan-damn-tastic time.


[caption id="attachment_391" align="alignnone" width="180" caption="Crab Cakes"]Crab Cakes[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_390" align="alignnone" width="180" caption="Ribeye"]Ribeye[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_389" align="alignnone" width="180" caption="Grouper"]Grouper[/caption]