Friday, December 20, 2013

I LOVE the Gingerbread Martini from Outback and this year I had a huge craving for them at the holidays.  So, I went out and found a couple of recipes online that were supposed to be similar.  I took their suggestions and added a couple of my own to come up with this awesome drink.  I've tested it on a few people now and everyone asked for more!  See if you can fit this one into your holiday parties this year!

1/2 oz Gingerbread Kahlua (I'm sure you could use the regular too)
1 oz Bailey's Irish Cream
1 oz Sweet Cream Flavor Coffee Creamer
1/2 oz Gingerbread Syrup (In the coffee aisle or at a coffee shop)
Pepperidge Farm Gingerman Cookies

Mix the liquids together and shake over ice
Rim a martini glass with crushed gingerman cookies
Place one full gingerman cookie into the glass and pour the liquid over top.  YUM!

NOTE: To make it stronger you could up the kahlua to 1 ounce and you could also add 1 ounce of vodka.  Both work great!  

Check out How to Make Gingerbread Martinis by Rusty And Jules on Snapguide.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

I recently started the "Caveman Diet" and discovered this recipe on Cavegirl Cuisine.  I changed it up a little and came up with this.   I love mushrooms so I might add more mushrooms (including multiple varieties too) next time and less chicken.  This is a very tasty dish!


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This is a very easy chili recipe that we enjoy on a nice cold winter day.  Top it off with some cheese, sour cream and maybe even some Fritos or just eat it plain!

Click here for the Printable Recipe

Click here to see the original Chili video

SNAPGUIDE: Check out How to Cook Chili by Rusty And Jules on Snapguide.