Monday, January 9, 2012

So I am down six pounds. Kind of shows just how fat my ass was to lose that much weight in just three days with no exercise. Today, I am the grumpy one. I go through phases and am a bit moody.{note from the editor: phases? They must be long phases then} I am kind of tired and the cravings come and go. I have decided that everything would be better with some damn meat in it. I spent a year and a half once not eating meat, however I ate seafood. This is hard man, I mean hard. If I could even just eat some damn beans I would be happy. Oh and I am done with BROWN RICE. I mean I can’t stand the taste of it anymore. I think that is what I dreaded the most beginning this thing. I could still taste the brown rice from last year. What the hell is wrong with WHITE RICE. I guess I need to look that up because I am struggling already and we have a long way to go. In some ways it seems easier and in others it seems tougher but we can’t put our finger on which is easier or which is tougher. {editor note: Jules has not had any problems with the rice. She has actually been quite pleasant about the food. Very little cravings and no complaining from her. Not sure where this WE is coming from.}

This is only day four and I think the first five days last year were the worst. Jules just looked at me and asked if because we did the cleanse last year our bodies don’t need to cleanse again this year LOL. I think she is having a tough time as well. She doesn’t seem to be losing any weight but she didn’t last year either. That just means that she wasn’t that overweight. {editor note: “that” overweight?}

We miss our friends.
Julie had a good friend come to town and say she wanted to hang out but we have not heard a thing from her since Julie told her we were only drinking water and eating vegetables. That is some funny shit. I am pretty sure we would have had a better response if we had the plague. Otherwise, we are staying close to home as it is way too tempting to be out there hanging with you beer drinking meat eaters.

I am sleeping pretty good though. I think it is about time for the really vivid dreams. That is one of the pretty kick ass things about the cleanse. The dreams ROCK. Also I can already tell that my jeans are fitting better. Jules said my face is already starting to get skinnier. So same as last year I am losing weight in my face, head and ass. The gut always seems to be last.

The meals

    Today we did a shake, then a salad for lunch and then cabbage rolls for dinner. The cabbage rolls would have been fantastic had it not been for the brown rice. Jules had a couple of helpings (might have something to do with the lack of weight loss LOL) so that meant she loved it. She is also tired of hearing me bitch about the brown rice as I am sure you are but I am SICK of it. I sure hope I don’t have vivid dreams about brown rice cause that would suck. {editor note: I asked Rusty if we were allowed to have two cabbage rolls on the diet and he replied yes. He was the one that measured the rice so I took his word on that one and the book clearly states that we can eat as many veges as we want.}
    [caption id="attachment_160" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Cabbage Roll Guts"]Cabbage Roll Guts[/caption]
    [caption id="attachment_161" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Cabbage Roll and Brussel Sprouts"]Cabbage Roll and Brussel Sprouts[/caption]

    Cravings for the Day:

      Chili Dog with mustard and onions. A cold Pepsi. Doritos would be nice as well. I would love one of our Taco Salads as well. Cheese, Cheese, Cheese. Oh how I would love to sprinkle some cheese on my salad. I have just decided that I like food too damn much to be doing this to myself but the reward at the end is worth it or at least that is what I am telling myself.

      Thanks for reading and I forgot to tell you that Jules was on my sciatic nerve earlier but I still love her. {editors note: ditto on the nerve and double ditto on the love}

      Recipes coming soon! We had to try them out once before we posted them for sure. Should have one up by the weekend.


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  1. PLEASE invite me over for dinner! This is the way I prefer to eat! clean, vegan! Hang in there! love you guys!