Monday, January 23, 2012

I must admit that things have gotten much better since we have been able to eat meat. I am however missing bread, pasta, beans, regular rice, red meat, BBQ, french fries, wings, cheese sticks, fried chicken, chili, pizza dip, ranch dressing, did I mention wings, pepperoni, hamburger, olives, carbonated drinks, mashed potatoes, fried chicken biscuits, hot sauce, ribs, tacos, burritos, chips and salsa, oh and wings, bread sticks, ice cream, chocolate covered pretzels, sausages, salami, corn, tuna salad, jambalaya, hot dogs, meat loaf, meat balls, and don’t let me forget wings, beer and wine.

We are not quite as ill as we once were I think. We are still sleeping well and I have lost a total of 15 LBS so far. The sad thing is I am still a fat ass but I am going to keep going after this detox is over. No rash this year so I am guessing I wasn’t as toxic as I was last year.

Jules has lost 6 LBS and that is great for her. {Editor’s Note: I am loving it. My pants fit and I feel better. I’m excited now to start growing some muscle} I can’t wait to continue with Visalus and keep losing weight and getting healthy, however, I am going to splurge a bit this weekend especially with the “SAUCE” ...that is the alcohol “SAUCE”.

Jules is making a shake now and I have no idea what in the hell she just threw in there but it was jumping around like a bone fragment from a hand that she is trying to dispose of after a murder. Oh my god she just let me taste it and I am now sure it was a hand. It was damn horrible. The taste is still in my mouth. {Editor’s note: It was strawberry kiwi. I do admit, it wasn’t very good and I can’t get the taste out of my mouth either}

Still not a lot of compliments, which is crazy to me. I mean damn, 15 LBS is a lot but not many people seem to be noticing. I guess that just goes to show how fat I really was. If anything it makes me more determined to get this weight off. {Editor’s note: My noticing apparently doesn’t count. It is very noticeable to me but maybe it’s because I see him every day. He’s done a great job but I think we’ll see more progress when the exercise comes into play next week. Stay tuned for THAT video....should be a hoot!}

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