Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sorry it took so long to get this this blog out to you but it has been a busy weekend. First we actually kind of cheated and quit a night early. Well OK Julie quit at lunch. She didn’t think I would find the damn Wendy’s bag in her car. WTF?? She broke and went straight to fast food. {Editor’s Note: Um, I was sick....nearly on my death bed and I needed some carbs. I was good. I had a grilled chicken salad with tomato, lettuce and no mayo! So, excuuuuuse me for having a little bread a few hours early}

On Wednesday night we went to hang with the Business Leaders of Charlotte (BLOC) after hours get together. Great time. We first stopped at Mac’s Speed shop and had some fantastic Natty Greene’s Pale Ale. Do you think it was good? Man, what are you talking about? It was FAN-DAMN-TASTIC. Probably one of the best beers I have ever put into my mouth. Did I mention how cold it was? There was frost on the side of the glass. Now that is a damn cold beer, as we would call it in the South.

I ended the cleanse down 17 LBS. That is a lot to say the least. But when you begin as a fat ass it isn’t hard to lose weight that quickly on a detox like that. All my clothes fit much better and I can bend down to tie my shoes without cutting all the circulation off to my legs and squeezing my lungs to the point of passing out from lack of oxygen. Jules ended down 6 LBS and looks and feels great. The crazy thing is I gained back like 3 in the first weekend and Jules is still losing a pound a day. Must be because of my old ass. I am going to continue though with the Visalis 90 Day challenge starting after the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is my favorite day of the year and the biggest bash I throw down. Been having it since 1987 (ok yes I am an old dude) and I cook and cook and cook for this thing. So not going to be easy to maintain any kind of a diet during this week.

On Saturday we took the girls out looking for a rug or something and I made a HUGE mistake. A little advice DON’T EAT HOT WINGS FRESH OFF OF A DETOX/CLEANSE DIET. That’s right--have you guys ever seen the wedding dress scene in Brides Maids? OH YEA it was BAD. We were going out with our friends. Had a great evening planned and even got a driver to drive us around. We were headed to a winery after picking up our friends and I had to stop back by the house because I wasn’t going to make it. We went on to the Charlotte restaurant week to try out 131 Main (there will be a blog about this in the next day or so) and as much of a phobia as I have in public toilets I had no choice. I will spare you the details and the shear terror I had but I was in bad shape. After that everything was fine. {Editor's Notes: We had to skip the winery over this ordeal. I couldn't even look at those wings without my stomach turning so I knew he was going to have issues. Needless to say, I wasn't much sympathetic to his issues.}

Stay tuned for some measuring of my fat to see how many inches I lost and I want to introduce you to Visalis for the 90 day challenge. I am working on a routine for the next 90 days to see if I can continue to take the pounds off.

Side note: Jules had to bring up that she wore the pants in this family. Well I just want to say it is because mine will not stay UP YEAAA BABY. {Editor's eye roll}

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned as there is much more to come.



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