Monday, August 12, 2013

We've heard many great things about Pawley's Island Tavern (Also known as "The PIT") on past trips to the Litchfield Inn and this past trip we got the opportunity to pay them a visit.  With dollar bills all over the walls, very colorful paint, quaint indoor rooms and a spot for bands, the atmosphere here is very fun, but the food is even better!

Famous for their crabcakes and pimento cheese, they left nothing to be desired on these two options for sure.  We started off with the crab balls as an appetizer.  They are the same as their crab cakes only in bite size portions. They were very tasty and full of crab.  

For our meal, we decided to get a little wild and share what they call the Psycho Burger. Boasting the flavorful wonderfulness of their home made pimento cheese, jalapenos, chili, slaw, onions, mushrooms and even an egg, we weren't quite sure how this would taste.  In the end, we both agreed it was one of the best burgers we had ever eaten. I actually ended up craving another one the entire time we were in Pawley's Island!  The meat was very flavorful and all of those toppings blended perfectly in your mouth.  

Feeling like you may need to pay them a visit?  Pay CLOSE ATTENTION to this tip!  You won't see this restaurant from the road and the only way you will find it is by looking for the green mailbox with "PIT" written on it. You might even drive by it because you don't think the road is there.  Yes, that dirt road that looks like it goes to nowhere is exactly where you want to be!  
Look for this Green Mailbox!!

Psycho Burger

Crab Balls


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